A golden dawn, signs of the season changing


      It doesn't seem long since the farmers were waiting for the wheat to ripen so that they could get started with the harvest and now the season and the colour of the fields are quickly changing. No time is wasted when the opportunity is there and on whatever day of the week the show goes on. This was six thirty on Sunday morning, ploughing the headlands and then further breaking the soil and cultivating with a special knifed roller, now we just need rain and at the moment the rain is a rare commodity.

      It doesn't 't seem all that long ago that we wondering when the harvest would get started and at that point the landscape looked very different, now the major seasonal change of late summer into the gold and brown of autumn is under way before the grey days and extreme weather of early winter arrives. Hopefully sufficient rainfall will arrive to clean the land and freshen the dykes and drains ready for the serious fishing to begin.


  1. Roll on the serious fishing John

  2. The end of the month stars the season for me. Looking forward to it. John


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