Caterpillar tracks


      I'd just returned from the morning walk with the Two Terriers when I saw what looked like a moving stick next to some pots in the side garden, closer examination revealed that it was the largest caterpillar I've ever seen. Subsequent research in my moth encyclopaedia revealed that it is the caterpillar stage of the Elephant Hawk Moth, it must be one of the biggest caterpillars in the UK.

      I moved the creature on to some Rosebay Willow Herb plants near the back gate, a favourite food apparently, and left the caterpillar to his own devices. I hope I see the results after the chrysalis stage because the moth is an absolute stunner. Below is a photograph of the moth itself courtesy of my moth encyclopaedia and I'm looking forward to seeing one flying near me very soon.

British Moths, Second Edition. A Photographic guide to the Moths of Britain and Ireland
Bloomsbury Wildlife


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