The Upwell Squadron


      Our two grandsons have left after their extended stay and a lot of the outstanding outdoor jobs have been despatched to the completed category so life has returned to normal and our time is our own again. While I've been working outside painting walls and fences I've become more aware of the growth of the 'Upwell Squadron'. A few years ago there was a flock of about a ten starlings but now the growth of the flock, is as people say 'exponential' or they have a brilliant recruiting policy. Not so much a Squadron more a 'big wing'.

      They're forever zooming around busying themselves and performing their evening aerobatics as they roost up in the orchard and here they are early in the morning enjoying a tingle on the power lines to wake them up. I wonder how many starlings there will be in the flock next year?


  1. I love it when a gang of young gun starlings mob the garden, strutting round giving it large, avian cock-of-the walk Liam Gallaghers.

    1. No. it's the summer visitors who are mobbing the wires, for the first time in years flocks of over 400 mixed swallows and house martins are gathering on their way to cross the equator. Wonderful to see. The swifts all disappeared before the cold spell we've just 'enjoyed'. Joh

    2. Should say 'Now'! Finger trouble...

  2. Ah, my eyes are failing with age.


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