Last month, and before the self inflicted petrol shortage, the Boss and I accompanied by the two terriers had a one week break in Wales. We stayed in a cottage on a farm and the farm had two farm ponds with a head of coarse fish including all manner of Carp, Bream, Roach and Rudd. There were a few day tickets for visitors but I could fish where and whenever I wanted as a guest.

     On my first afternoon's fishing and after catching a Leather Carp, a fully-scaled Common Carp, a Mirror Carp and a Ghost Carp plus a few hybrid Carp I gave up, bored. That's not my kind of fishing despite the lovely surroundings. One angler I spoke to had a click counter and he proudly announced he'd caught 159 fish and he still had two hours to go before he would head for home. I'd rather read a good book.

      The Boss and I enjoyed the food, the evening drink on the patio and the early morning coffee and terrier walks across the farmland and around the ponds. We weren't that far from the River Wye but it really was showing its bones, incredibly low and clear and the few fishermen I spoke to were praying for for rain to sweeten the river and and give it some life.

      We drove to Ledbury and visited our printer friend Martin Clark at Tilley Printing who had to put up with the two terriers trashing his print workshop. Inevitably we enjoyed the local cider, the local beer and all the local produce we could lay our hands on. All in all we had a relaxing time.

      We drove back to West Norfolk the day before the petrol 'insanity' gripped the country, we avoided the motorways and never saw a queue at any filling station until we watched the news the next day when insanity had taken hold as if someone had simply flicked a switch. I really think we need another break from all of this insanity. It's good to be home.


  1. And the post "shortage" hike in prices.. sounds like a lovely time away was had .

    1. BB, I can't see it dropping in price either. I've just ordered Joeys, Smelt and small Roach although I'd like to see a frost to sort the weed out, in places the drains are like a the inside of a greenhouse. John


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