What a difference a day makes

       The weather in West Norfolk has been somewhat variable to say the least and just the difference between any two consecutive days can be quite dramatic. One day it's calm and clear with spectacular dawns and sunsets and then the next day it's blowing a gale and the wind is driving rain that is positively biblical as it charges across the Fen, talk about 'Riders on the storm'. A little thunder and lightning would set the scene perfectly.

      Above are a pair of wonderfully calm dawn and dusk photographs taken on a peaceful and idyllic day and below are basically the same views taken the next day, a day of howling gales, squalls and pouring driving rain.

      So, there you are, a brief tour of two days of weather conditions in a country that doesn't have a climate as such, just weather, and I wonder just what surprises tomorrow will bring? As the introduction to Monty Python's Flying Circus used to say 'and now for something completely different'.