The lone drummer


      Every morning, weather permitting, this woodpecker is up on the electric pole practising his drum rolls. Now, he can't be trying to find food because the pole is tarred and I wouldn't think many bugs and insects would tolerate that environment to make their home. So my theory is that it must be down to practice and enjoying the noise he creates, the noise is quite considerable and he must get quite a buzz from the tone and reverberation.

      I've tried to get closer to him but as soon as I touch the back gate he's away, even if I go for a telephoto lens he's gone when I get back so he must be modest and camera shy, but being bright green and red I can't see where the shyness comes in. You have to work for your photographs with this woodpecker.


  1. I'm so glad you did! Perseverance will pay off, I'm sure.

  2. From your description (green and red) I take it be the Green Woodpecker? I have only seen them upon the ground foraging for ants myself, but they are a wonderfully attractive wee beastie.

    1. We see them on the lawn and the droves across the farmland but they also shin around the trees in the orchard. They're noisy too!

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