Underwater above water


      It's Monday and I decide to go Pike fishing after an early lunch, a little rain is forecast but looking at the predictions it's not going to be an awfully heavy or lengthy downpour so and we were away to the river the Boss made me a bacon sandwich. There was little rain in the air but not enough to activate the windscreen wipers. What would do without optimism.

     By the time I parked up in the farmyard the rain had arrived and the wind was absolutely bitter cold, but it won't last long I told myself. The wind was now beginning to heap up the cut reeds on the opposite bank so it won't be long before they're in the river making life more difficult.

      An hour so into the session and the rain was steadily getting heavier.As an aside the super waterproof trousers were proving to be not very waterproof, they didn't even appear to be showerproof and an abandoned boat was steadily filling with water. Three hours later soaked and frozen to the core the farmer offered me a cup of steaming 'Trawlerman's tea' next to the stove in the farm kitchen. It was worth the agony of previous three hours just for that warming treat.

      So, no pike and one bite I didn't even see, although the parallel lacerations on the bait looked more like the attentions of a Zander. With renewed optimism I'll be back at the end of the week when the latest storm has blown itself out. Well I hope it's blown out by then and hopefully I should have dried out by Friday.


  1. Always a bugger when you draw a blank, but at least you managed to be saved by a decent brew.

    1. I think I've finally dried out now, the waterproof trousers have been tossed into the bin. ATB, John


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