I do love a redhead


      The woodpecker that visits the electricity pole at the back of the house, well I assume it's the same one, has taken to foraging for food on the front lawn. He, or she, usually spends about ten or fifteen minutes quartering the lawn in the hunt for food. It must be worms that are the desired breakfast of the day because it's so cold that there can't be many insects at ground level. I assume the bird doesn't have to break through the frosty crust but the whole exercise must be part of the hard hunt for winter food and survival.

      The photographs came out well despite being taken through the window of my little studio, they say that red and green should never be seen together but it seems to work here. I hope the redhead comes back to  visit soon.



  1. Blue and green should never be seen.
    Red is fine. Trust me, I'm a fashion guru.

  2. ES You are becoming a cross between a Polymath and a sage


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