Which way is the wind blowing?

      Wandering around the village while I'm walking the two terriers there are lots of interesting things to see and once you've fixed on one line of thought you begin to see more of the same thing. After seeing and admiring one weather vane it made me realise that weather vanes are a little bit of a lost art-form.

      Those that I have seen in and around the village range from the simple displaying the owners special interest or hobby interest to versions that look as if the owner has just won the lottery where an anemometer has been added with a nod to baronial wrought iron gates, there's even an optional live pigeon. Here's just a small selection and there'll be more to follow over the coming months all showing the obsessions and eccentricities of their owners. Love them all, the shooters and skaters.


  1. If that is a pigeon upon the second weather vane the either it is a midget amongst pigeons or that is a very, very large weather vane. I have always fancied one (vane not pigeon) as my father had one back in the day. Perhaps this year will be the year that I can strike that wish off my bucket list, perhaps atop the Orc's Workshop once its revamp is completed..

  2. John, it is huge, I couldn't get it in the back of my small Ford van. West to East enough two metres...


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