Raw Spring days and feeling raw


      It must be something to do with Spring, not only is the countryside gearing itself silently for the great awakening but I feel like I'm waking up again. After a lengthy period of cancer treatment that included a twelve and a half hour operation, convalescence, learning to eat and learning to talk again followed by six weeks of radio therapy there seems to be a Springtime light at the end of the tunnel. The Consultants, Doctors, Specialist Nurses and Support Staff pronounce themselves happy but there's no all clear yet but that will come just like Springtime.

      Earlier this morning walking Lucie, our Jack Russell Terrier, the signs of the new season were everywhere. In sheltered places in the orchard the early plum trees were showing the  small beginnings of their blossom season and the Spring barley that was planted two weeks ago is also pushing up through the still very wet soil. Grounds for optimism you could say.