Walking with dawn


      The best part of the day in my opinion. Plus there's a bonus with the winter walks too, you don't have to get moving at silly o'clock to see the dawn, winter terrier walking is a much more leisurely pursuit.  Lucie's anticipation is tangible when I come into the kitchen to make the vital first cup of tea. She's straight outside for her pee and then she sits and stares, waiting and willing me to take the lead down and to just get moving.

      For the last three mornings Dawn has been showing off her finery in a spectacular and subtle manner, definitely the best time of the day. I always feel that dawns are just a bit more subtle than sunsets, don't get me wrong sunsets are still spectacular, but dawn reveals herself in a much more delicate manner than the 'in your face, blood and thunder' sunset light show.

      Anyway here are just the last three sunrises for your delectation, as you can imagine it's always a pleasure to be out and walking under conditions like these and whatever you do don't mention the word rain. Then there's the first black coffee of the day when we get back home with an espresso poured on the top for a bit of added bite.