Mornings and evenings


      Good old Lucie, our Parson Jack Russell terrier gets walked twice a day come hail rain or shine and we're lucky enough to have permission from a couple of farmers to use their tracks and headlands. The views and particularly the light changes are a real treat but Lucie doesn't seem to care with her nose to the ground or thrust into a rabbit hole.

      At the top is my favourite stand of Poplars bathed in a real Impressionist light. They're home to lots of birds and in particular a pair of Buzzards who have nested there for the last ten years or so. The second view is on a misty morning when the fog was rolling in off the Fen. Following is another morning walk with the drove set on a heading going straight for the sun, well a little left of it anyway, remember Icarus, you can't be too careful.

      Below, the same day but early evening and the weather has changed completely. People  and Tourists in particular, barely stop and see Fenland, they just drive through heading for the North Norfolk coast, more fool them but while the main roads are busy the Fens stay blissfully quiet. Paradise for anglers, twitchers and cloud spotters. Enjoy!