Early flowers early?

       An early walk during the week and the portents seem to be suggesting that a little rain is on the way, and from the look of the early sky it may well with Lucie and I giving us a soaking before we get home.

      On our way round one of the orchards the early plum blossom was still in flower on some of the more sheltered trees and pair blossom was just starting to show up although there was masses of leaf on the trees in the pear aisles the blossom has yet to reach its peak.

      It seems to be an early arrival to me but the Cowslips on the headlands and dyke sides are beginning to reluctantly appear but strangely in the orchards where there is a real abundance of these lovely little flowers nothing is showing as yet.The appearance of these little flowers always means Spring to me but whatever the vagaries of their arrival time I'm sure Mother Nature has it all worked out.
      My premonitions were absolutely right about the weather, it poured with rain before we got back to the shelter of the house.