The early morning walk


      Usually we're both out and walking at around about 6.30am or even earlier if I wake up and get restless, then it's make a pot of tea and feed Lucie then after ten minutes I'm being stared at to make me hurry up reading the depressing news that is inevitably dominated by Politicians who have achieved varying levels of incompetence and idiocy. Time to get out and about and forget about them and I've no doubt Lucie would agree, that's probably what the unblinking stare means and the sunset last night night looked like a portent for good weather and so it turned out to be.

      The old Nissen hut is a daily landmark on the walk, there are masses of period potato trays in there, simply hundreds, and old but usable potato planters and trailers that never get used, they may be old but they're perfect for a smallholder to use on his or her plot being pulled by a small tractor. Instead they just sit there watching the seasons roll by.

      More Bee Orchids have appeared but no doubt they'll get cut short when a tractor pulled mower goes by or should I say over them. I shall miss them but I'll watch out for more as different plants show again.

      Meanwhile the crops continue to grow, here's the Barley growing swiftly now that we are enjoying some warmer days, although the nights still have a distinct chill and after what seems like a winter of continuous rain I've no doubt that before long the farmers will be shouting for more rain because now the ground is rapidly drying out. Never mind it keeps the walk constantly interesting for Lucie and I.