New Year Resolutions

That'll be a band of a certain age

Happy pink pigs in Norfolk

Wild on top and scary underneath

He's behind you

A frosty Pike fishing Christmas Card from the Two Terriers to our readers

Austerity Christmas,Year 2

There's nothing like a make-over

Austerity Christmas, Year 2

Red tails in the sunrise

Austerity Christmas, Year 2

The Ink Caps

Poles in the fog

Terriers on the family tree

A nice Sunday drive

Fog, mist and mystery

A 'B' Movie actor

It looks perfect...

Afloat not falling

Dawn's here again

Redundant Grim Reaper gear

Previous use?

First photograph from the Two Terrier's satellite

Gadgies and their Jack Russells

Toad in the hole

The Boss has been busy

Forgotten the paper?

Monster in the hedgerow

Jack Russell sketches

Winter's early signs