Stormy weather

The green shop

The magic of mushrooms

The Lampost Museum

Pear Drops

Fog forming on the Fen

A road trip

Old way, new way

The Saab, the bathtub and the mystery garden.

A clamour of worm hunters

Nissen Hut deluxe

Returning in triumph

'Til death do us join

Log envy

Finch food

And so the cycle begins again

Hanging on the gallery wall

Under an English heaven

Rust to rust

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

A pint of Bullards please landlord.

The heart of the matter

Carved in stone

Golden days in the asparagus bed

Flight of fancy

Picked, preserved and pickled

Power lines

Riding into a headwind

Size is everything

Golden Eagle spotted in West Norfolk