Drunken Pole Olympics

Set the sun to defrost

Dormant Bethesda

Cloud works in progress

Of perch and pike

Billy Bunter's cream dream

Lonely poles

An old friend catches up

From the front door to the back

Washing your hair tonight ladies?

I've seen the light

All tied-up for the weekend?

A business just fading away

Feeling pecked on?

The UFOs are back!

Carved in stone.

Hanging on the gallery wall

Ventilator blues

The back of the front

F15s skywriting

Somebody's upset

Back on the Bullards sir?

Hanging on the gallery wall

Vacant tree house

Gale on, gale off

Parachutists beware

Weathered and rusted

A postcard from the Middle Level

Bushel Box graveyard

A Double Swan please

Hanging on the gallery wall