Dawn lights up the transformer box

Curious and unique

Spring is in the air

A little bit of 19th century and a little bit of 18th century

Oh what a beautiful morning!

An early Rottweiller

Cotton wool barbed wire

It's that blue again

Half-time hand warmer

Detached and substantially built

Fenland birds

Ice, a giant paw print, no silver bullet

A frog in your throat?

Log envy strikes again

After the snow

Nature's bird food

Hey, Mr Spaceman

Friday night in the freezer

A night out on the town

Hanging on the gallery wall

Four in a bed

The Russian front

The ice age in Zanderland

Poles now in the Winter Olympics!

The ice age cometh

Straight as a dyke

Lovely cartouche sir!

Sing if you're winning Robin Redbreast

Corrugated garden art